Hello Wine & Brussel Sprouts!

Holiday seasons mean good food paired with good wine!  Brussel sprouts to some of us are one of those good foods, but what Ziveli wines (GOOD WINE) go with them?  We have always said here at Ziveli Winery to drink what you love with all food.  Wine paired with the right food though, can enhance both the wine and food making for an exceptional experience. So, Brussel Sprouts?

Roasted or pan fried brussel sprouts can handle a little tannin.  Pairing in this case might mean one of Ziveli reds, like Syrah or Zinfandel!

Ziveli River Dance or Gewurztraminer would pair well if you are stir frying your sprouts.

Adding a cream or cheese sauce to brussel sprouts or making a slaw? Try our Chardonnay.

Most of all have fun and taste a few different wines with your dish to see what you feel tastes and sips the best!

Ziveli and Much Success!